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It's late you're asleep...and as always you're on my mind, I can't sleep...thoughts of you flood my mind and sadness plagues my heart, as I look you're no where to be found, I'm left here with thoughts of you, but no matter what, I'm happy after all you cared enough to give this helpless fool a shot, a chance, to make you happy..and all I can think is...did It work...did my wish to make you happy truly come to pass, even with out you...I wish that you're smiling,deep down at the heart of are and have always been my friend,if I fail in my endeavors...if this body of mine fails and turns to ash..I wish to know that you were happy, because in the end you are what matters to me....I have many names for you...but to me...the most important is friend..there for me when i need it...let me shoulder your that you don't have to hurt...let me see that smile the one you hide from the world in shyness..let me be here for you...let me be the reason you're happy...the reason you're strong...let pillow is no match for you, that feeling of warmth, you pressed against my chest...that eternal bliss of that moment...i wish to keep it forever captured...because in that moment, I'd be with you
I Jolt awake my heart pacing, then I look over and I see you there slightly curled aginst me and I realize..that in this moment at this time...everything is perfect, I lean over gently brushing hair from your cheek carful not to stir you from your slumber lest I ruin that sublime beauty on your face, I look at you amd get lost...the slight curve in your lip that smile you hold steady as I rub your back feeling your head press against me almost like a cat searching for warmth and comfort..but its two sided I find perfect comfort there with you, god I want to tell you how I feel but for now I'll just watch..I've always watched over you, or tried my best to through ups and downs you are my constant, I feel you starting to move I feel that familur squeeze of your hands and the soft whimper escaping from your lips and it hurts me worse then the deepest wound, because I can't stop that pain I lean down resting my lips against your timple closing my eyes whispering against your soft skin"It's ok kitten I've got you" I say there hoping my words reach you as i look you over happily admiring the goddess that lays beside me, to consider you anything else would be a crime I gently brush my hand against your cheek to your chin I slowly lay back closing my eyes breathing in as your breath escapes ,You're my everything more to me then a are my friend...and you are the air in my lungs I close my eyes resting softly against you slowly drifting back to sleep knowing that you're safe here in my arms



What would you do if someone took everything from you? Your only reason for living snatched away from you I was just a normal college student with a normal life and a girlfriend until I learned the truth of the world-what really happens in the darkness of the night-My name's Trey Clark-this is my story…

Part 1 Bad Moon Rising

"I see the bad moon a risin' I see trouble on the way I see earthquakes and lightning' I see bad times today"-'Bad moon rising' John Cameron Fogerty

"Hey wait up" A voice says as I snap out of a walking daze and turn to see her Alice.

"Hey sorry I was kind of in a daze" I tell her as I take her hand and look into her eyes.

"What are you thinking about spaceman?" She asks me suddenly.

"Honestly?" I ask, "I'm thinking about life me, you same old same old" she looks at me "Hey you asked I answered ha ha." There it is that smile that could light up a room.

I've known Alice since we were about four years old, -I'm your average looking guy; 6'4, brown hair, green eyes, medium build But her…she's breathtaking; Shoulder length brown hair, sky blue eyes, she is about 5'3

"Hey! Are you paying attention?"I start blushing realizing that I've been staring at her for about two minutes.

"No sorry I spaced out" I tell her as she walks off angrily and I chase after her.

"Hey I'm sorry please don't get mad" she turns around and kisses my cheek and starts laughing at me. I feel my cheeks flush an even redder color-all this time and she can still catch me off guard.

"Are we still going to the movies tomorrow?" she looks at me and asks normally now, as I try to fight past my embarrassment.

"Yeah I promised that I'd take you out on a date didn't I. First dinner than the movie just like I promised." I look at her and smile. We get to her house and she runs in leaving me outside alone in the street, back to my thoughts on the weird dreams I have been having lately. Flashes of animals of the moon, I still haven't figured any of this out I open the door to my apartment my one place to be alone as I kick off my shoes ,and find myself in my chair and before I know it my eyes are drifting closed and I'm drifting to sleep.

As soon as I open my eyes again, I am in the woods, in the bushes there is these two red eyes not just red they look like pure anger as if from the fires of hell. I hear growling as a wolf walks out from the bushes- a pure black wolf and it is not too happy to see me. I start running the opposite way, hearing the howls and growls behind me as I run and come to a drop off. I turn and see the wolf there drooling wanting to sink its soulless, greedy teeth into me and rip me to shreds for dinner I stare into its cold, hellfire eyes. Before I can do anything else, it jumps at me, then all I see is a flash of blood against the full moon's face-my eyes shoot open, I'm back in my apartment drenched in cold sweat as i feel my heart racing "It was only a dream," I say trying to calm myself. "It's been the same dream every night for weeks." That wolf that dark wolf that radiates a strong killing intent it reminds me of an old rhyme. "And he shall see hounds as black as death in the number of days he has left."

I lay awake for the rest of the night new day same old dreams same old night same black wolf. Lighting a cigarette and then putting it out shaking from the dream usually, a smoke would calm me, but I know Alice hates the smell of me after I smoke. I crush the pack to stop me from thinking about it any longer and decide to take a shower. I feel relaxed all over as the warm steamy water hits the back of my head and I breathe slowly. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain as my body tenses up and I feel my muscles cramping as I start shaking. Screaming in pain as it feels like my bones have started growing. Then I feel myself slip and fall out of the tub hitting my head on the floor with a sickening crack. I feel my self-blacking out as everything gets dark and I feel the blood from my head soaking my still soapy hair. I wake up feeling blood caked onto my face and in my hair as I slowly get up feeling my head pounding as I try to make the room stop spinning. I feel myself start to shake reaching for the aspirin I stand up dizzily trying to pace myself-stumbling as I walk thinking to myself that I wish I would have had that smoke instead of the shower. I grab my phone and I decide to call Alice to see if she could come over and look at my head to see how bad it's hurt.

"Hey…Alice I'm kind of in a little bit of a mess and I was wondering if you could swing by and take a look at my head…I sort of busted it open," I tell her.

"What?! What did you do..." She says to me fear making her voice shake "Are you in danger….im on my way let me get my purse."

"Alice please calm down...just breathe okay don't worry I'll be fine, after you take a look at my head we can go on that date we have planned" I listen to see if it helps any as I hear her starting to cry.

'"Shhh its ok I promise….when you get here you will see it's not that bad. I just want to be safe."

"O-o-okay" I hear her struggling not to cry as she sniffles I know how much she worries about me hearing I got hurt bad must have upset her a lot damn I got to make it up to her somehow. I start cleaning up a little bit later as there is a knock at the door Alice is here already and my apartment is still a mess I put on some shorts and open the door as she hugs me tight the one place I love most being in her arms. I look down at her smiling feeling all my pain disappear as I stare into her eyes I can tell shes been crying but she feels better now cause I have her "I thought I told you no crying baby."

I wipe the tears from her eyes and kiss her forehead and I rest my lips there.

"Let me see your head."

"Okay but be gentle it hurts".

"I will when have I ever not been gentle." She walks to the bathroom I hear her pulling a bottle of peroxide from my medicine cabinet. That's weird why can I hear that she's that on the other side of the apartment. I close my eyes and I hear a heartbeat and realize it's not mine I can hear her heart beating in the other room.

"Hey don't fall asleep that's dangerous with a head injury". My eyes snap open and she starts whipping my face down trying to get the blood off.

"Oww owww oww hey that hurts you said you would be gentle."

"Don't be such a baby I'm not even scrubbing that hard."

"It still hurts." I watch her and tense up as she puts peroxide on a washrag.

"Don't worry this stuff doesn't hurt it's to clean the wound."

"I still think it hurts no matter what anyone else says." She pours the Peroxide on the rag and dabs at the wound on my head and tries soothing me the smell of the blood almost makes me puke.

"Your head looks really bad what happened?"

"I had this weird dream that shook me up a little, so I was going to smoke a cigarette "

"You were going to do what?!" She says tensing up as she talks, I'm in trouble now

"I was going to smoke but I crushed the pack because I knew it’d upset you if I did smoke. So I decided I take a shower to relax, but then when I was taking my shower I felt this weird pain going throughout my body like my bones were growing then I slipped and fell and that's when I hit my head,

"I'm really sorry "She tells me as she starts massaging my shoulders and all I can do is close my eyes and relax letting out a growl like a dog why am I making that noise? She starts giggling.

"You're so cute when you do that. It's like you're a big puppy" she start scratching under my chin as I let out a growl of happiness I don't know why I'm growling but that feels soooo good. I can feel myself-falling asleep against her my eyes slowly closing suddenly feeling like anchors as I rest my head against her lap the best sleep I've had in a long time. I wake up in the morning and see that I am all alone wrapped up in a blanket with a note beside me from Alice telling me she has to go to work that she will be ready for me to pick her up at her house at eight. I go and check my head in the mirror and see that it's already healed. I must have dreamt the whole thing, but that wouldn't explain why Alice was here or why there was medicine out? I did bust my head open, I can't think about that though I have more to worry about so I spend the rest of the day studying and trying to write my thesis paper for college. I drive up and get out of the car as she walks out looking absolutely stunning. I look up at her smiling face and stare into her beautiful blue eyes losing myself in them 'do you want to go to the movie first or do you want to get dinner first "I finally manage to get out.

"Dinner first then the movie" she smiles and it makes her shine, god I love her I walk out to her car opening the passenger door for her smiling and let her in closing it gently behind her as a flash of shadow movers by catching my attention but I just shake it off its probably just an animal. I get in and start the car looking over at her feeling a strange lusting for her that I've never felt before letting out a wanting growl.

"Down boy" she turns to me and winks while smiling as I start the car trying to clear my head occasionally looking over at her in the corner of my eye. I slowly pull up to the restaurant and find a parking spot while looking at her still feeling the lust deep in my gut why am I feeling like this its Alice nothing has changed about her. Her smell is sweeter yeah and her heartbeat is soothing but still. I get out of the car, walk over to her side, open the door offering her my hand as I bend down, and kiss her hand gently trying to make her blush.

"Stop it Trey" she says blushing as I look up at her and see her cheeks reddening as I bow once more,

"We have arrived my princess" I smile to myself enjoying the way she is giggling as we go inside and find a place to sit.

"What are you hungry for Alice you can have whatever you want" I look over at her and see her smiling at the menu as the waiter comes by.

"Hi my name is Vincent are you ready to order lovely. " he says looking at her smiling in a frisky way totally ignoring me as I feel a red hot anger washing over me as I start shaking and trying not to growl how dare he! Gggrrrrr….why am I acting like this…this has never happened before.

She looks over at me "No but I think my boyfriend is ready to order...aren't you honey?" she looks at me smiling cutely as the waiter looks at me glaring say something pretty boy I'm not in the mood…a sudden flash of me tearing his head off drift through my mind as I smile then stop and look at him

"Yeah can I have the steak medium-rare…and the fettucini pasta with a coke" I say glaring into his eyes wanting him to test me as he looks back at Alice.

"And you ma'am?"

"Can I have the chicken strips with lemon pepper sauce and a coke as well please?"

Sits there shaking in anger at the way the waiter was acting as Alice slowly starts rubbing my hands worried.

"Hey…please calm down…I've never seen you so angry…." I look into her eyes calming down almost immediately.

"I'm sorry…I don't know what came over me just the way he was looking at you…It pissed me off and I don't know why…I was just filled with anger" I lift her hands to my lips and kiss them then hold them against my head getting a terrible headache.

"It's called being protective you were acting like a dog fighting over a mate," she said giggling a little.

"Does that make you my mate?" I laugh a little; as the drinks come as I look up at the waiter and see, he has horns,

"What the…hey dude it's not Halloween what's with the horns?" I look at him and think about his reaction when I mention his horns,

"What are you talking about Trey he doesn't have any horns" Alice said confused.

"What are you talking about there right there on his head as plain as day…two white and black horns" I look at the waiter as he laughs trying to act unsurprised.

"I think you're just seeing things sir," he says laughing a little as I look up at him again and the horns are gone.

"Huh…yeah…I guess I was just seeing things my bad dude" I put on a fake smile still confused about why he saw horns.

I slowly start drinking from my glass as I look at Alice "hey Alice. May I ask you something?"

"Yeah what is it trey you can ask me anything" she smiles

"Have you ever thought about me being your husband…like us getting married and having children someday?"

I look at her and see her trying to come up with an answer as the servers bring our food and she automatically changes the subject "The food looks delicious doesn't it Trey?" Alice asked me smiling.

"Yeah it all looks amazing "I said feeling my self-drooling from the succulent smell of the steak.Alice and I start eating and talking enjoying the date,

"May I try your pasta Trey…please" I look up her and see she's smiling cutely.

"Sure "I say getting some on a fork trying to be romantic and feed it to her as it drops on her" I'm sorry… I'm so sorry" sets the fork down and starts trying to clean her pants as she starts laughing at me.

"Its fine Trey honestly see it's all gone "she says giggling and takes a bite of the pasta smiling as I look down embarrassed.

After dinner my stomach starts to feel a little uneasy but I figure it's just because I ate so much it'll pass in a little bit we walk up to the movie tavern and start to make up our minds on what to watch she picks a horror zombie movie ha ha ha that's my girl for you she says no to romance and yes to gore she's one in a million. We find our way to our seats in the very back of the theater and start waiting for the movies to start I look around and I start to notice were the only ones in the theater as the lights go out and the previews start I hold out my hand and hold hers gently rubbing my thumb against her hand in a loving way I don't know why I do it but I know she likes it and it calms me down

"Don't be afraid to hold me if you get to scared" I whisper lovingly into her ear

"Oh no if a zombie creature thing comes for me I'm throwing up in front of it and running hahahaha" she smiles laughing hard it is a laugh that I love to hear and as my eyes slowly trail down her body in the darkness a low growl escaping my throat

"Hey down boy "she smiles and flicks me on the nose "Don't you try anything I'm warning you Trey"

"I won't I won't I don't even know what you're talking about" I look over at the screen as the movie starts and I start to smell a strong sweet fragrance as I try to ignore it the smell becomes stronger and I look over and see its coming from Alice "Alice are you wearing perfume"

"No why? " She looks at me confused then back at the movie

"Because you smell" and before I can finish she cuts me off

"Ohh thanks that's just what every girl loves to hear sorry I’ll move down away from you "she looks at me angrily

"You didn't let me finish I was going to say you smell really good "I smile and lean over to kiss her once a little losing myself in her lips as I growl more shaking then pull away quickly "I'm really sorry I don't know what came over me" I look over at her and see she's wide eyed as I hear her heart beat racing and the pain in my bones starts up again then stops just as fast as it had started

"Ha-ha look at that guy you know he's going to die fi-and bam zombie got him" Alice stares at the screen really into the movie acting like nothing had happened but the feeling I had for her the animalistic instinct. I had to protect her and hurt any other guys around her stayed why was I feeling this way I couldn't even describe it I decide to turn and watch the rest of the movie. The whole time me and her tried guessing when a zombie would get someone or when something would jump out and attack not once did Alice get scared she's like me in nearly every way she's the perfect girl for me .

"Well how did was the date "I smile looking at her" did you enjoy yourself"

She looks up at me and I can tell she is dead tired "yeah" she lets out a long yawn as I check my watch and see it is nearly two in the morning

"Let's get you home shall we" I smile and help her into the car after you drive her home I get out and carry her and walk her up to her house and look into her eyes " I had a really great time tonight I hope you had fun to"

She looks at me then suddenly grabs my head and kisses me slowly and lets go" that's payback for in the movie" she smiles and runs inside tiredly, meanwhile I'm standing there on her porch dumbfounded surprised about what just happened as I start smiling in a great mood after that kiss I'm nearly back to my car and it hits me.Pain shoots throughout my body ricocheting everywhere as I drop to my knees and start coughing up blood trying to scream as nothing comes out and I start feeling my skin burning as I start scratching at it and feel claws digging into my flesh ripping it off and fur taking its place as I let out a growl in pain howling madly at the moon. I wake up in the morning naked in the woods with the taste of blood in my mouth…what happened? Where was I? Flashes of a wolf the same wolf from my dream flashes of more animals my head starting to pound

"You know you're terrible at hiding the fact that you're a Werewolf ha-ha I tracked you down easily with all that noise you were making" I look up and see a girl staring at me silver eyes and long red hair as she smiles and laughs

"What are you talking about? What did you drug me with where am i?"

I look up at her shivering as she throws a blanket over me and laughs

"Don't you know…you're a Werewolf…a dying breed us were's…my names Kit by the way I'm a werefox nice to meet you" she says smiling and laughs.

"What are you talking about?" I look at her thinking she's crazy

"You heard me I told you that you...Are…a…Werewolf and I am a werefox we are the last of our kind there's three others I was told to take you to need to know what you are" she said to me brushing her red hair back as she looks me up and down and she smells the air "you smell like a wet dog…what's your name?"

"Trey….my name is Trey….and how do I know you're not crazy" keeps shivering from the cold" if you've been following me then where are my clothes" I look at her trying not to make my teeth chatter

"You ripped them when you transformed I carry mine around with me in a bag "she smiled and growled teasingly as I felt lust for her and I shake it away as she throws me a pair of baggy clothes

"T…thanks…"I start getting dressed behind a tree and walk out she looks at me as her phone goes off and she answers it looking at me still watching my every move

"Yeah I found him wasn't hard…he's actually quite the looker" she lets out another growl looking at me "Alright...  yeah ill bring him by later alright i'll meet you there now bye" she hangs up looking at me "Hey you…Trey was your name right I'll be by your house later be ready I'm taking you to meet the others tonight"

Before I can reply, she takes off running and I decide to try to get back to where Alice lives and try to get my stuff

"What happened last night I must have been drugged or something who was that girl…she must have been crazy"  suddenly a flash of the black wolf and silver fox running and hunting together killing rabbits and others as my nose twitches and I smell my surroundings "what's happening to me…."

I slowly walk to Alice's house and find my things in my car surprisingly and I knock on her door waiting for her to answer "Alice it's me Trey"

She opens the door with a towel around her head smiling and I see she's putting make up on "Hey Trey thanks for the great date last night"

I look at her and smile glad that she had a good time "you're welcome-why are u putting that junk on you know I hate it when you wear makeup it's stupid you look much better without it"

She just sticks her tongue out at me and throws her towel on my head covering my face "come on in and I'm putting it on because I like it thank you very much" I look at her and just shake my head laughing.

I smell the air…and it smells of her I can tell she just got out of the shower as I close my eyes smelling the soapy lavender fragrance coming from her as I sneak up and hug her close smelling her hair more " you smell amazing...good enough to eat" I say smiling.

"Oh stop it you" she says giggling pushing me away blushing a light reddish color

"Oh you know you like it baby" I say smiling

"Why do you enjoy teasing me so much it's embarrassing?" she says smiling blushing a darker color

"Because I think it's really cute when you start blushing and act shy" I look into her eyes and smile happily...whenever I'm with her I find it very difficult not to smile she makes me happier than I've ever been looking into her eyes makes me totally forget what had happened earlier that morning and late last night.

"Travis you're staring again "she says kissing my cheek

"sorry I keep spacing out" I say as I turn and kiss her the feeling of her soft lips against mine the feeling is indescribable I slowly close my eyes not wanting the kiss to end but know that it must as I rest my forehead and nose against hers breathing in and out slow and hard as she blushes a dark crimson color.

"Sorry I couldn't resist" I say smiling "for a second there I forgot to breathe"

She looks at me looking light headed and dazed "Yeah ha ha I know the feeling…I need to sit down" she sits down smiling and looking up at me

"Are you ready for class it starts in like half an hour if we don't leave now were going to be late" I look down at her and smile grabbing the keys to my car and going outside with my book bag.

We get to class and everything is going fine…and then it happens…Kit the girl from the woods….walks into class and I cannot believe my eyes I tense up as she walks over to Alice and me at our table and smiles acting totally different from this morning...

"Hi my names is Kit Crawford nice to meet you" she looks at me and at Alice and I see Alice tense up then Kit looks at her and Alice puts on a fake smile

"Hi my name is Alice Clark and this is Trey Clark" Alice smiles slowly

"Ohh so you two are brother and sister huh does this mean that you're single" Kit walks over and grabs my arm smiling then Alice shoves her out of the way.

"No Alice and Trey Clark as in were going to get married" Alice grabs me and kisses me slowly then stops and glares at Kit.

"Hey Trey come here real quick" I look up and see my friend Alex

"Be right there man" looks at Alice "I'm going to see what Alex needs and I'll be right back "I walk over to Alex feeling the tension between Kit and Alice

"Ha-ha so your girlfriend meets your mistress huh"Alex starts laughing

"No she's not my mistress I've never met her before she just came over introduced herself then Alice said her last name was the same as mine so she thought we were brother and sister then started flirting with me."

"Then Alice got mad and I was expecting some fists to fly then Alice said we were married and then she kissed me"

"Oh no you have two great looking girls how terrible what ever will you do. " He says with a sarcastic tone

"Shut up that's the last thing I need Alice to think that she has competition…she's the only one for me Alice is way out of her league she's so much more beautiful"

"Oh so you think she's better looking than me?!" I turn around and see Alice glaring at me about to cry as she punches me in the face and takes off running.

"No Alice wait up I didn't mean it like that!" I take off running after her I run after her all the way up to our special meeting place that we had our first date at as she turns and glares at me

"So it's not ok for other guys to flirt with me or look at me in a flirtatious way but its fine for you to call other girls better looking than me" I turn my head to the side not looking at her.

"No…what I said was you were more beautiful than her. I said that you had no competition…because I loved you more than anything….i can't believe you'd accuse me of that…I'll talk to you later…" I start walking away as she runs up behind me and hugs me crying into my back

"I'm so sorry….i don't know why I yelled at you…I don't know why I hit you…I'm sorry baby…just seeing that girl rubbing your arm and grabbing it like I do and then her flirting with you.  It made me mad…not at you but at her…than I thought you were saying that you thought she was better looking than me…please forgive me..  Please I am begging you Trey.  Baby…"I feel her crying into my back as I turn around and kiss her head holding her close

"I love you Alice….of course I forgive you…"I lift her chin and kiss her slowly I hold her close as we walk back to my apartment

"I love you Trey" I feel her kissing my arm

"I love you to Alice" I walk inside and sit down holding her in my arms on the couch as I whisper into her ear "Alice….will you marry me…"

"Y…Y…Yeah" she starts blushing and curls against me happily

"That makes me really happy that you said that" I pull her closer and give her a little kiss and I feel her cuddling close as we both start falling asleep.

The next day at school Kit grabbed me by the shirt pissed off and slammed me against a wall "where the hell were you last night I told you that I was going to take you to meet everyone else my pack you needed to come"

"No I don't need to do a damn thing you want I never once said that I wanted to join your pack I just got engaged last night now leave me alone if I want to talk to your group I'll tell you "I glare at her

" You don't understand…there is other creatures out there .Creatures from your worst nightmares are real, we're trying to help you if they come after you…they will attack the people around you Trey everyone has secrets…there Are evil things that go bump in the night Trey.."  I can tell by the look in her eye that she is serious

"Fine I'll try and make it sometime soon…now I have to get to class" I look at her and take off running to get to class thinking about what Kit was saying…what else could be real…I mean what if I really am a Werewolf.

I sit in class and start looking around at my classmates and the people I called friends when suddenly I feel the same burning and stretching of my bones that I felt the last time I transformed into my Werewolf state.

I feel the eyes of the whole room looking at me as I hold my head screaming in pain as the same scream from my lips turns into the howls and growling of another creature. I feel my mouth slowly stretching out as a furry muzzle starts to take shape I feel my skin ripping apart as my new fur takes its place my teeth slowly turning into the sharp teeth of a killer as I growl feeling saliva escape my mouth as everyone screams and I tear them apart using my teeth.

Then suddenly I shoot up in my desk drenched in cold sweat breathing hard trying to calm myself down as I look around everyone is safe. But what would happen if I lost control…I'm putting everyone here in danger by not trying to find out what this thing this curse is and how I can get rid of it…or at least learn how to control it and use it to my advantage.

After class I walk out and rest against the wall still breathing hard as Alice comes up and rubs my back causing me to jump a little

"What's the matter Trey you're covered in sweat, are you feeling ok? You look kind of sick "she said looking at me still rubbing my back

"Yeah I'm fine I'm just a little warm that's all I'm sure it's nothing to be worried over I'm sure I'll be fine in a little while "I look at her with a fake smile hoping it looks real enough for her to believe it.

"Trey I think you should go home and rest for the day "Alice looks at me worried and I know that she won't let me stay without being worried to death about me.

"Fine I'll go home and rest will you stop by later after school Mrs. Clark" I smile looking at her to judge her response

"I'll think about it love now go home and rest…."she starts pushing me out the door.

I get home and I'm still drenched In sweat breathing hard as images of me attacking people In my wolf form tearing them apart…why am I filled with this fear…I've got to calm down and control this fear…I sit down and start researching all about Werewolves on the internet…how can I tell what is real or fake…one word keeps popping up though…Lycanthropy…maybe the pack will able to tell me more about what I'm becoming….can I control the transformation willingly…I know one thing for certain…if weres are real…then theres more out there that can be real…I don't know what else is real out there…and that scares me my worst nightmares could be real and I don't know if they are or not…it's driving me crazy….what if I can't protect Alice…I need to get a hold of this…I need to get ahold of myself.

Suddenly there's a knocking on my door "Trey open up my name is Ethan I'm apart of Kit Crawford's pack I was told you came home early today and I'm here to talk to you about your powers about your curse"

"My curse? What do you mean I don't know what you're talking about" I tense up ready to fight if I have to

"Don't act stupid Trey I know you're a Werewolf….I'm just like you and Kit…I'm a were-owl and like I said I'm here to help you out with your abilities…I remember when I found out what I am I was afraid that someone would find out about me and kill me or that I'd lose control and kill those close to me" he says seriously and I can tell he wants to help as I slowly open the door

"You're a were-owl huh…how can you kill someone" I look at him and see he's a pretty muscular looking guy as he looks at me and laughs

"My power isn't exactly like yours I can turn into an owl yeah but my power is also more than that and one day you'll be able to do the same". As he says that he slowly starts transforming into a huge muscular half owl half human creature as feathers start growing out of his skin as he looks at me with a sharp beak .

"Oh shit" I jumped by seeing his transformation catching me off guard as I nearly fall on my ass

"Hahaha see I told you my transformation was a lot different than you though" he slowly starts changing back into his normal form popping his bones and stretching "It's a lot harder transforming when it's not the full moon but it is possible…and I'm here to help you learn about what's happening to your body…"

"You can really help me understand why this is happening to me?" I look at him

"Yeah I was on my own at first…and the pack helped me understand what was happening to me and how to control what power I now had...but first things first…who knows about your abilities?"

"Well I guess…just me and the pack I guess..but I don't even know what all I can do yet.."

"It'll take some time to understand your powers fully…and with your extra enhanced senses you'll be able to see through the disguises of those who aren't human are…darker creatures"

"What do you mean by that? Two nights ago…the night I transformed I was at a restaurant and our waiter was flirting with my fiance but…there was some weird stench around him….and he had little black and white horns coming out of his forehead" the moment I said this I automatically regretted it…because from that moment is when my life really changed

"White and black horns…weird stench" as Ethan stood there thinking I noticed him tensing up as a serious look flooded his already tense face

"Ethan are you alright?"

"Quick Trey what was the waiters name"he gripped my shoulders and his hands felt stronger than they looked I could tell that with these transformational powers that the increased strength was able to be hidden very well

"He said his name was Vincent but the moment he know I noticed his horns he hid them it was weird…I thought I was just going crazy"

"Fuck you said his name was Vincent….and now he knows about your powers….damn…Vincent is a very dangerous person…." He turns around and from bag he holds up a newspaper clipping showing that there was a massacre at the restaurant the same night me and Alice were there

"Wh-what is this…that's the same night we were there" I look at him tensing up and going pale and shaking

"I told you he was dangerous…damn and he knows you're not a normal human.."

"It's not that…Alice was there…she was with me…he was flirting with her and she blew him off….shit" I take off running bumping Ethan out of the way "sorry!"

"Trey wait!" he yells at me as I keep running towards the college hoping I'm wrong and she not in danger

"Hahahah so you're the new chew toy huh" I get tackled from the side smashing into a wall feeling blood spraying from my mouth

"GRahhh!!"the blood gushes from my mouth more as I get hit again

"Hahah your pathetic "I heard a deep dark laughter as I throw a shoulder into my attackers mouth feeling the back away I look at it and notice it's a marionette doll the way it moved is sickening as its face twitches and changes to become an crying clown with sharp teeth

"What are you." I get in my best guard not know how to fight this creature

" My name is..not important hahahah" I jump back just in time as a knife slashes at my face as its arms slowly morph into blades

"Trey look out…it's a somber poupée" he runs over and shoots four feathers out of his hand and freezes up the joints of the creatures legs and waist so it falls over

"What is that…"I look at him

"It's called a dark puppet…it's a Marionette that's being controlled by dark magic...we need to hurry and get rid of this thing…"

"Wait wait wait…I don't know how to fight something like that and besides…look around were in public..what if people notice you changing"

"Damn's not like these things to attack during the day…."

"Ethan I have to get to Alice" the Marionette shoots up at me as my instincts kick in as I grab it and flip it through the air

"Hahahah your pretty little friend….it's a shame I'll have to kill he too…me and master will take turns torturing her HAHH"its head starts shaking and twitching

"You leave her alone !" I run over and start punching it in the face as it changes to spikes and I feel them digging into my hand "Ahhhh!" it smiles and  starts changing as I jump off of it as spikes grow out of its body as Ethan flashes by me the marionette slowly splits into two pieces as I look over and see him holding two knives

"Just so you know…if you want to kill these things…silver works great"

"I'll remember that next time"

I take off running trying to get to the college with blood dripping out of my hand as I run  as fast as I can feeling my legs burning as I ignore the pain pushing myself to keep running as I run into kit coming out of the college

"Kit where's Alice tell me right now!" I grab her arms staring into her eyes

"I don't know she didn't show up last period I thought she was with you"

"Damn it"I punch the wall with my bloody hand not caring about the pain shooting through my arm

"Why did I have to get Alice into this" I punch the wall again

"Trey calm down what are you talking about" I look at her as Ethan runs up

"Trey where is Alice did you find her?"

"No…she didn't show up for last period either" I look over at him as Kit walks in between us

"What the hell are you two talking about why are you freaking out…maybe she had to go somewhere" she looks at us as Ethan shakes his head

"It's him Kit…Vincent is town…and now he has Alice…Trey and her ran into him the same night of the restaurant massacre…he's back"

I started walking off I couldn’t take it anymore it was my fault that Alice was taken away why did I have theses powers what were they for…I’ll stop at nothing to get her back…

"Trey… we need to go to the pack….we need you to start your training.." Ethan walked over and touched my shoulder trying to calm me down as I shrug it off " how the hell could I start training right now I need to find Alice before that thing does something to her…"

"Hahaha now that would just ruin my fun I want to watch  you struggle first…then when you least expect it…that’s when I’ll kill you and everything you love" I look up and there he is…a creature I’d never forget….he looks like a demon right out of the bible…black and white horns….I’m scared but I can’t let that stop me…I can feel my legs shaking I can deal with that…I need to end this now  "You bastard!! I’ll kill you give Alice back" I take off running at him and jump up to hit him as he smacks me out of the air as if I were a bug…I slam into a wall of lockers and dent into them… "I can’t let this happen…I’ve got to get up…I’m hurting all over…damn hurts so much" I start coughing up blood and try getting to my feet as he starts to disappear as I force myself up and jump at him only to get impaled through the stomach and all that I can register is pain….I can’t die this way….I can’t die here….I can’t give up…can’t…

I slowly  wake up in a bed with bandages all over me as my fight or flight instinct kicks in and I’m up and ready to go out the door as I drop to my knees pain wrecking my whole body why is this happening to me…I have to get Alice back…am I really this weak compared to the strength of Vincent…how can I beat him?.

"Hey what do you think you’re doing out of bed." a voice asks  as I look up and see a girl standing above me.

"Who are you?...Where am I?"  I look up asking her as she reaches down and picks me up with one hand….there’s no way she’s human.

"My name is Lilith" I looked at her not sure if I had died or not still feeling the pain from the injuries Vincent gave me, it was clear that I was no match for him as darkness took me again as the girl who put me back in the bed calling my name, how did she know who I was? What's happening to me? I wake up this time I'm tied to down the ammonium and chemical smells from the area surrounding hit me as I look around people talking, laughing I close my eyes and concentrate trying to listen to my surroundings. The smells started to make me sick churning my stomach and sticking in my nose. The chaotic sound of the machines and the people all of which are not dulled by the drugs coursing through my veins not numbing the pain, still aching and hurting with every breath sparks shooting through my whole body the physical pain I can deal with. It doesn't hurt as much as the mental pain of losing Alice the pain of knowing that the person I love was taken from me. I failed knowing I couldn't protect her. The one who means the world to me, I need her. I look up and there she is, the same girl from earlier walking in looking at me sincerely like a mother and smiles in an angelic way as she walks over and sits by me looking at my chart.

"You're going to get yourself killed if you keep if you keep acting the way you are you're to reckless and headstrong but at the same time I guess that's what makes you who you are though doesn't it? Heres your name is Trey Clark huh..well Trey..I'm here to talk to you about what you really are ..and if you listen and accept my offer I'll do all I can to help you find your fiance...Alice"

She looked at me with a stern serious look on her brow as she  again looking me over as I looked at her still dumbfounded at how she knew all of this about me and especially how she knew about Alice. I start to strain against the restraints trying to get free  “Who are you and how do you know about Alice and me" I glare at her my eyes lingering over her.

"My name is Lilith " I listen to he trying to figure out what she was....if she was telling the truth or not..she didn't smell human.

“What exactly are you?" she looked at me and started giggling and holding her stomach.

"Me? I thought you'd know what a girl was." I glared at her getting mad trying to not to show it..knowing she's wasting my time.

“You know exactly what I'm talking about." She looked at me and stood up brushing the dirt off her pants.

“I think what you really want to know is, Did I..or could I kill your little human girl” Hearing her refer Alice like that I feel  myself filling with anger as I fight against the restraints breaking them as I leap over tackling her to the ground, trying to wrap my hands around her throat. Eyes filling tears of anger and pain.

“Tell me where Alice is right now!” Next thing I know I’m flying through the air into the wall beside the hospital bed  hearing her laughing watching me walking towards me as she talks,her tone different now almost like she’s playing with me.

“Lively aren’t we?” I get to my feet feeling my knees trembling, I feel myself changing not sure what’s happening as my mouth starts changing into a snout, my yells becoming deep throaty growls our bodies clashing together my body being thrown across the room again “What the hell is she, how is she doing this?”at that moment Kit and Ethan run in grabbin us both starting to pull us apart.

“Bring it wolf boy”I hear Lilith taunting

“Calm  down Trey she’s one of the pack” Kit tells me still holding me back looking at Ethan.

“Lilith I respect your role as pack leader and I will follow any order you give all of us would, but do you think you could cut the guy some slack?  He did just find out what he is and he did just lose someone close to him.”Ethan looked at her both of their eyes looking back over at me as Lilith spoke

“Trey You must understand something we all know what you're are going through,we all have lost those who we cared about because of what we are and it’s our duty to stop Vincent” I looked over at her and at the time it was all I could do.

”Lilith I’ll stop at nothing to get her back even if it means going against your pack but for now I will join you and I’ll respect your orders...Under one circumstance you help me get stronger and help me defeat Vincent” She walked over rubbing my hair as you would to a crying child.

“You remind me of some I use to know” I could tell the memory burnt hurt as I saw tears building up as she turned to walk out of the room followed by Ethan as Kit stayed behind and started changing my bandages

“Thank you kit..”I looked down not sure what else to say “I’m sorry Trey...I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when Alice was taken I should have been but I wasn’t. If I was there I might have been able to do something” she looked down and I could hear the sadness in her voice, she had completely changed her attitude.The rest of the time she was there we said nothing to each other just dead silence between us in all honesty I didn’t know what to say at the time, here she was some girl who barely knew me but was apologizing for not being around to help Alice. Someone she had just met that day and yet it felt like we had been friends for along time, as I sat there it felt like days had passed since my run in with Vincent, I replayed it in my head over and over.

What if all of this was just a dream in truth I’m just sleeping in my apartment  with Alice still in my arms, could this really be happening?..but who am I kidding, as much as I want it to be I know that this isn’t a unbelievable as it seems..some how for some reason I’ve been given curse?..this whatever it is I would give it up all to be with Alice again..It’s all my fault that she got dragged into all this. If I told her what I am though..would she think I was crazy...would she hate me for what happened..It’s getting late...I need to sleep,

As  I laid there staring at the ceiling I feel the weight on my eyes increasing slowly closing them relaxing and finally drifting off “ me please help me!” I shoot up in bed looking over and seeing Alice in the doorway.

“Alice!” I get up ignoring the pain and start walking towards her taking each step carefully fighting to keep my body up

“It’s all your fault that I’m gone! If you were dead I wouldn’t have been put in danger” I looked at her shocked by what she was saying as I felt tears swelling in my eyes  as they warm up sliding down my cheeks.

“I..didn’t mean it Alice..I never wanted you to get hurt I tried my best I did I tried” Suddenly blood sprays from my mouth as I cough looking at her as her figure starts changing into that of Vincent looking down seeing his hand in my chest gripping my chest.

“If you weren’t such a waste of space you’d still be together with your love it’s all your fault” his hand yanks out as I fall to the ground filling my lungs filling up with blood I feel myself drowning in my own blood feeling the warm puddle of the wine red blood under me forming as I feel death's cold hand coming for me.

“No Alice…” I wake up covered in sweat breathing hard starting to pull out the needles and wires off of my body as I hear the loud warnings from the machines. I can’t just sit here doing nothing Alice is out there somewhere, how the hell did my life turn out this way? I just want to go back to before all of this shit started my life was normal just a week ago I make it just outside the door as Kit and Ethan grab me pulling me back in

“Leave me alone I need to start looking for Alice I can’t just sit here and do nothing I don’t care if I’m injured I to get her back!” Kit grabs my shoulder squeezing it.

“There’s nothing you can do in your shape even if you wanted to, he’d kill you before you even made a step towards him..there are things you must know before you even try to rescue her first your power and abilities then your weaknesses, there are creatures out there that are just waiting to rip you to shreds the things that go bump in the night they are controlled by Vincent”

I sat down and rubbed my head I looked outside seeing it was already night,
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